Network of Organizations and Towns for the European Elections

Project ID: 101091293
Project duration: 18 months
Project start date: 01.01.2023
Project end date: July 2024
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NOTE stands for the “Network of Organizations and Towns for the European Elections”. It is an initiative of 12 towns from 10 EU Member States in the framework of the programme CERV. We represent citizens, local governments and civil society organisations from: Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Portugal, Croatia, Greece, Spain, Lithuania, Belgium and Germany (associated partner).

The project activities are planned for 18 months, from January 2023 to June 2024, aligned with the next European Elections in May 2024. NOTE will promote the exchange of experience and modus operandi between the partners in the following three ways: 1) bringing information on the role of the Union and its democratic values to local citizens; 2) striving bottom-up social mobilisation for active European citizenship and democratic European Elections to the European Parliament in 2024, and 3) favouring cultural and civic exchange – also on a personal level. Young citizens (18-35 y.o.) of the partnered towns are at the heart of this initiative as they are the ones who made a difference in the European Elections to the European Parliament in 2019. The turnout of young and first time voters in 2019 exceeded any turnout increases registered for other age groups.

Recalling this fact was fundamental in defining the goals of NOTE to form a transnational Network of Towns aiming at active citizenship and promotion of informed participation in the 2024 European Elections through and with the young citizens. In practical terms, NOTE will involve the partnered towns and organisations to become enablers in the process of bringing European institutions closer to their citizens: young people will learn to conduct Street Debates, an EP simulation activity and collect ideas and suggestions in a form of podcasts to achieve the objectives set by the EU documents policy papers as well as by the UN Sustainable Development Goals (backlash of women rights, climate, pandemic, migration, humanitarian crises caused by
the wars, etc.).

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NOTE - 6th online meeting by Kaunas Regional Development Agency (KRDA)

The two-day event organized under the project NOTE, aimed to encourage young people to take part in the upcoming European Parliament elections. 

On 21 February, participants had the opportunity to learn about the European Parliament's activities and current affairs and take part in a panel discussion with Lithuanian MEPs, youth representatives and other guests.

On 22 February, the podcasts of NOTE partners on the activities of the European Parliament were presented. The other important part of the agenda was an exchange between the project partners about the Toolkit.


Event Description Sheet of the WP7
“The goal of the event was to develop the NOTE Toolbox contributing to free, informed, and fair Elections in Europe and to sustain a Network of Towns aiming at active citizenship and promotion of informed participation in the European Elections.
As a part of this WP, the project team created a Toolbox, intended for local and regional authorities, as well as local actors engaged in promoting EU values. It is designed to inspire local authorities, local promoters, and civil society organizations across Europe to contribute to fair and equal elections. The Toolbox provides concise information on where to find resources that support your efforts to ensure fair and equal elections in Europe, both in the context of the upcoming European elections and for general electoral engagement. “